How it Works

1  Setting your rental level

Keeping in mind the rental level for the previous tenant at the property, we recommend searching on Rightmove/Zoopla for simlar properties in the area to find a competitive price.

Setting the right rental level is one of the most vital parts of preparing your advert. Consider that not only does it help your tenants decide if they'll consider renting your property, but also that they almost always search with a price range, so your property might not even appear in front of them, however good your property and advert are!

Tip 1: Too high or low and your property won't appear in their search. But you want it to compare favourably against similar properties, so our 1st tip is to go onto Rightmove or Zoopla and perform a search for similar properties in your area to see what they're being advertised for.

Tip 2: Consider a lower rent to find a tenant quicker. Look at the price ranges tenants can search within on the main search sites. For example, if your property last rented out at £720. Currently on Rightmove and Zoopla, the prices around that range are: £600 £700 £800. So someone might search between £600 - £700 if their maximum rent to pay out was £700, knowing they couldn't pay £750 or £800, even if they could actually stretch to £720, so you might find a tenant quicker by dropping the rent to £700.

So if you found a tenant just 1 month quicker with the lower rent, you'd actually earn £480 more in the 1st year! And you could consider increasing the rent, after a fair time, back to £720.

2  Getting your property details set up and marketing your property

It takes only a few minutes to upload your property details, so have them ready: photos, floorplans, EPC and thoughts about a description.

To start marketing your property, you'll need to prepare clear, professional-looking, photos of your property and have your EPC and floorplans ready to upload. You select the advertising package you'd like from our site, then you will upload your photos, write a description about your property, add a list of key features and upload your floorplans and EPC. Don't worry, we provide more detailed advice on each step as we present them to you. Finally, once you're happy with your advert, you pay. We'll then review your advert, to make sure it fits with our rules and standards and then start your advert, which will be sent to the advertising websites (When will it be sent).

3  Receiving interest and undertaking viewings

We'll tell you by email when you have an enquiry. You can contact the enquirer to discuss their situation and arrange the viewings. You can book them into your diary using our Viewing Manager.

An enquiry about your advert can come to us in one of two ways:

As an enquiry from a website form
We'll tell you when you have an enquiry from Rightmove, Zoopla, etc by sending you an email. We can't share their personal details with you until they agree to do so, but you'll be able to email them annonymously either with your phone number or annonymously yourself to discuss the letting or arrange a viewing. It will also be shown on your account with us where you can have a conversation with them.

As a phone mesage
We'll forward this to you by email and will be available for you to listen to using your account with us. You'll be able to contact the enquirer and arrange a viewing.

More details about enquiries can be found here

Finally, you just arrange your viewings by agreeing a time to meet your viewers.
Tip 1: One tip that some of our landlords forget is that the tenant won't have the property number as this isn't shown on Rightmove and also they should be reminded of the postcode of the property, so they can use their satnav or phone to plan to get them to the viewing.
Tip 2: Finally, you can use our Viewing Manager to help arrange your viewings. This is a diary that you can use that will send a text message reminder to the viewer before the viewing asking for a response, that we will forward to you, so you know if the viewer will be turning up or not.
More details on the Viewing Manager can be found here

4  Reference and credit checks and getting tenancy agreement in place

It's important to check that your tenant can afford the property, so we provide a credit check service and if you also want us to get references from their employer and previous landlord we also provide full references.

Having a legal, Tenancy Agreement is vital for the success of your tenancy. We provide one as part of our Gold and Platinum advertising packages or you can buy one separately from our Tenancy Agreement page.

Once you've found a tenant who would like to move into your property, you need to make sure they're who they say they are and haven't got into financial trouble in the past. There are no guarantees that this will inform their future behaviour, after all everyone who defaults on payments has a first default, but it's an inidicator. We provide 2 services that help in this; a credit check and a full reference. Follow these links to read about what they offer.

Tenancy Agreement
Having a legal, Tenancy Agreement is vital for the success of your tenancy. We provide these as part of our Gold and Platinum advertising packages and you can buy one separately from our Tenancy Agreement page. You can setup, then either choose to print off this agreement or you can sign it online by telling us the email address of your tenants. We will then email them, in turn, to sign the agreement, with you signing last, once you're happy to continue.

To save money, you can purchase both a reference AND a tenancy agreement signing with our Tenancy Creation Package.