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DIY Online Marketing FAQ

(Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does my marketing run for on Rightmove and the other web sites?

Commercial properties: You pay per month. the advert runs till the month has expired. e.g. Start an advert on 7th February it will end on 7th March.

Residential properties: These run for up to 12 weeks (84 active days). Most properties are let within 4 weeks, so this period allows for the extremely difficult property to let. You can pause your advert at any time (for up to 30 days during the lifetime of any advert) while you perform maintenance on the property or while you reference a tenant. This will preserve your active days (A unique option amongst online advertisers). Note, if you receive lots of enquiries in a short period of time, our system will automatically pause your advert while you deal with them. If you receive overall too many enquiries for your ad, we may choose to end it as it clearly doesn't represent the property being let. In case you forget to tell us when you've found a tenant. We ask you to log in to your account each week to tell us if you want to continue to advertise. Don't worry though, we will send you reminder emails before this time (with a quicklink to continue). To prevent your ad accidentaly expiring, we recommend that choose to do this on the same day each week. This is especially useful if you have multiple adverts running.

Please note, ALL online advertisers have limits on their advertising times, but we're happy to tell you about ours upfront.

(Full 'active days' explanation and fair use policy )

How do you let me know when there has been an enquiry?

(Please note, you cannot put your phone number or email address in your advert. Enquiries must come through us.)

We send you a text message and an email with their contact details (Provided they consent). You can set up your preferences for notifications to receive only emails, only texts or neither if you prefer to simply log in and check. It's up to you. You then set up viewings and liaise with your prospective tenant, either directly with them or through our website. More details here . Note, if you receive lots of enquiries, our system will automatically pause your advert while you deal with them.

What does the advert cover?

Each advert can only be used for one property and for finding tenants for one tenancy. Once a tenancy has been set up, we expect the advert to be ended (you control when adverts start and stop).

How does the money-back guarantee work?

If your Gold advert hasn't had any enquiries after 30 days of running, you can ask for your money back.

Is there a limit to the number of texts and emails I receive?

No, it's unlimited while your advert is running.

How many photos and how much description can I send you?

You can have up to 99 photos (limited by Rightmove and the other websites) but we find up to 12 is all potential tenants need to see. You can also have up to 10 bulleted 'special features' and unlimited descriptive text, separated into paragraphs, each with their own heading.

Who does the viewings and sets up the contracts?

For DIY landlords, you conduct the viewings. However, if you live in an area covered by one of our offices you can opt for our full tenant find service and we will conduct the viewings and sign up your tenant for you.
We do have an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement that you can use (More details here) .

Can you provide a To-Let board?

Yes we can. They're available to buy for just £35.99 (inc vat and P&P) - for you to erect.
They contain our phone number, so yours remains private and we can screen all calls for you. They also use our LiveText service. Each board is uniquely numbered so that enquirers can send in a text message to receive details about your property. You can order them from your property page, after you've added your property address. (More details here)

Do you offer tenant referencing or vetting?

Yes, you can purchase tokens for credit checks and full referencing, but remember, you get a free credit check with every residential advert (More details here)

How do I tell you when the tenant is found and I want to stop?

We recommend pausing your advert when you've found a tenant, are referencing them and during the time up to the sign up date. You should them stop the advert when they've signed the agreement. You can pause and stop your advert at any time by logging into your account and choosing the option on your property page. Remember though, that while paused, if you receive any further enquiries, we expect that you'll contact them. Also, your advert can only be paused for up to 30 days and if it is left paused, our systems will automatically end your advert after this 30 day limit.

My property is in Scotland, can I market it with you?

The my-let marketing service is available UK Nationwide. (Sorry, but we can not accept properties from overseas).

Ok, what about spam? Will you pass my email or other details on to other people?

We NEVER pass any of our clients details to anyone. We pride ourselves in providing a professional service with no underhand tactics.

Will you re-charge my credit/debit card for extended adverts or unwanted services?

We run a pay-as-you-go service where you decide what services you want and you only pay for them when you want them. It is against the terms & conditions we have with our payment provider to keep your card details. Therefore, we cannot charge for anything you haven't requested. And when you make any payments to us, the full charge will be shown to you prior to paying, so you'll always know how much and for what service you're paying for.

I have a small lettings agency can I put my advertising with you?

No, we are sorry, but our terms and conditions with the web sites prevent us from doing this. If we later find out that you are an agent we will terminate your advertising - and we won't refund you.

I have more questions

There's plenty of help on all of our pages, but if you can't find your answer just ask from our Contact us page.