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Switching to my-let

We want the switch to my-let to be as painless as possible. It's this simple:

  1. You instruct us to contact your current agent
  2. We contact them and ask for all paperwork for your properties, held deposits, etc
  3. We contact the tenant and arrange for them to pay their rent through us

You're switched!

We often find that people who want to switch letting agents sometimes feel they can't because they are contracted with another agent, or because they feel it will be a lot of hassle and pain.

Our Promise

We make this simple promise to you: If you decide you want to switch to my-let, we will, if you wish, handle the entire process for you including contacting your current agent and finding out what, if any, terms and conditions need to be complied with in order to switch to us. Once your exit has been arranged with your current agent, we would handle all the detail of transferring the tenancy details over to our systems, informing the tenants and making the overall process painless. We will do this at no cost to you either from us or from your existing agent.

What are your Terms?

It may be of course that to comply with the terms and conditions of your current contract, we may need to wait for a certain period, giving notice or waiting for a tenancy termination. Though we object to agents using such devices to keep Landlords hooked, and definitely do not use them ourselves, it is unfortunate that some agents do use them and clients often don't realise the cost implications till they come to leave. We will help you manage this process as you come on board to the more open and informed world that is my-let.

And in case you were wondering what the termination clauses are should you wish to leave my-let; we ask for a simple 90 days notice and do not charge any exit fee.

What next?

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Open documentation: As part of our pledge to be open, honest and upfront, here are some documents you might find useful:

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