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Deciding on your letting agent is an important decision. It's your investment.
But why should you consider my-let? Look at what we do:

  • We are qualified and accountable
  • Automated Rent Collection
  • Speedy marketing and our LiveText (TM) Tolet Board
  • We are transparent and everything you need is available online
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We are qualified and accountable

Every my-let customer-facing member of staff has to be qualified to pass the ARLA entrance exam (technical award). And besides that every local my-let Director has to be not only qualified but also be a licensed member of ARLA. All my-let client money is held centrally in a bonded client account protected by the ARLA bond scheme.

Automated rent collection

Unlike any other agents we know of, we have fully automated rent collection and distribution. Only my-let automatically processes rents every working day, and distributes it to landlords the same day the money has arrived.

Your tenants pay their rent by standing order. my-let processes any money overnight, so that by the next morning, we send the money on to you, to arrive by the next working day. Plus we will notify you when the money is due to arrive in your account - No more waiting till the end of the month to get your rent or chasing the agent to ask when you money will arrive!

If for some reason your money doesn't arrive on time, our systems will automatically send a message to the tenant (a text message, an email and a message to their online account).

Besides, you can always log in to your my-let property dashboard 24/7 to see the status of your properties and to see a summary of all rent payments made to you. That's why we say we're:

Your letting agent - online

Speedy marketing and our LiveText (TM) ToLet Board

The speed your property gets out on to the advertising sites is a key test of a lettings agent's efficiency. Some agents update the advertising web sites manually, with people in the office having to upload each picture one at a time and adding the text to each site seperately. This can take some time and is often delayed due to the repetitive and manual nature of the task.

This is why my-let does things differently. Once the photos and descriptions are uploaded to the my-let website, they are automatically transferred to the main internet advertising sites, all at once, within minutes.

What happens if a prospective tenant is walking past your property? With our innovative, eye-catching, ToLet boards they can contact us at any time.

As well as showing our call-centre's phone number (taking enquiry messages day or night), each ToLet board carries a unique code for prospective tenants to send a text to our short code number. Our systems will send a reply text message straight back to them with details about the property and contact details.

Why not give it a try yourself:

Just text: mylet 101 to 60070

Our ToLet Boards

We are transparent and everything you need is available online

All our prices are shown below in our price lists and include vat for clarity. There is nothing hidden. We don't depend on crafty terms and conditions to spring traps on you if you need or want to leave us. We're happy for you to see our Terms & Conditions even before you decide if you want to work with us. Not all agents offer this.

Your tenancy information, marketing queries, documents, certificates, tenancy agreements are all available online 24/7. Get statements (covering any date period) 24/7, see your tenants rent payments and all aspects of your tenancy management being managed for you online 24/7.

We even allow your accountant to have an account with us to work with your portfolio on your behalf if you wish, so that they don't even have to bother you to ask for your rent account information they need as they can get it themselves, online, 24/7.

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Open documentation: As part of our pledge to be open, honest and upfront, here are some documents you might find useful:

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