Due to the high cost of advertising on Rightmove and Zoopla My-Let will be closing on January 31st and we are no longer able to take new adverts.

How do enquirers contact you?

When you advertise your property with my-let, it will be sent out to ALL the main property websites with millions of potential tenants looking for property to let. This article describes what happens when someone enquires about your property via one of those web-sites, eg Rightmove, FindaProperty or Zoopla.

Through Rightmove or other web site

So, someone sees your ad and clicks the ‘Request Details’ button: When they do this, the advertising site, in this case Rightmove, would ask the enquirer to complete a form giving their name, address and telephone number together with any message or question that they may have for you. This comes to my-let as an email enquiry.

We look at the query and, because Rightmove and the others promise not to forward enquiries to third parties (i.e. you) we need to check with the enquirer first that they are ok with us passing on their details to you. Assuming you have told us we can, we also send your contact details to the enquirer in order that they may call you directly. (You can change this as you set up your ad).

Assuming the enquirer is fine with it, (they usually are) then we send you an email with their full details and any questions. We also send you a Text Message so you can respond instantly if you wish.

If you have chosen not to give your details and the enquirer chooses not to tell you who they are for the time being, you can still liaise with them through the messaging service at the my-let web-site. In any event, set up your viewings

By calling our phone number

If someone calls our 0333 number (included in mobile contract minutes), They will always be directed to leave a message for you. When completed, our server will text you and email you with the message attached as an MP3 file (so you can listen to it on your smartphone or just play it on your computer). You can also always access the message again at any time via your log-in at the my-let web site. Provided the number isn’t blocked you will also get the number that was calling in the email.