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Managing viewings with the Viewing Manager

When you handle viewings at your property there are two main issues that will concern you:

  1. One is your own safety as you will be meeting strangers there.
  2. And the other thing is that some people are just plain rude, don’t show up and don’t tell you about it.

Now the my-let Viewing Manager helps you to solve both those problems – read on to find out more.

Brief background

We were finding that our field agents were contacting prospective tenants either the day before (for morning viewings) or in the morning (for afternoon viewings) to check that they would be turning up. Also for safety reasons they were also sending an email with the days meetings in it to their spouse or partner.

The solution

We have automated this process now by providing you with a simple diary with a difference.

More than just a diary

When you set up a viewing with the Viewing Manager you provide the time, the property and the details of the person you have arranged the viewing with. This information is set up automatically if you click on your Viewing Manager tab in any property query you have. Just click the date and time of the viewing you want to set up and away you go.

The system will normally automatically add the phone number and email address of the enquirer from their enquiry, but, if it’s not already there you need to set up the SMS mobile number for the person you are meeting (the prospect). Just check it starts with ’07..’ – some folks still give a landline but they will normally get a voice text in that case. Also the email address of the prospect too. This is because the system will automatically send an email and a text to the prospect which acts as a reminder, but it also asks them to confirm that they will be attending.

The prospect then has a choice of responding either by clicking a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ link in the email sent to them, or by replying to the text that we sent them. If they do that the entire message is sent on to you. E.g. they might text back ‘Yes – but I’ll be 20 minutes late’ or ‘No – but I can make it 20 minutes later’. So you can see we have to provide that to you to act upon.

If the prospect doesn’t respond at all then we will notify you by text and email before the viewing so that you can contact your prospect and ask them directly.

All the items are alterable for each viewing as you set them up but have some sensible defaults.

Security and safety

Also, you can set up an email address of a security contact in your account settings. This would be someone close to you who needs to know where you are e.g. Husband,Wife or Partner. Then, each day when there are appointments, the system will send a list of those appointments to your security contact. If you amend a meeting then it will send an amendment email too. If there are no appointments in a given day, then the system doesn’t send an email.