Additional Terms and Conditions of Use for Property Marketing

We offer property lettings marketing services where we will, in such manner as we determine, market your property on our website, other websites and by other means, for example using a 'To-Let' board and or local agents or representatives. All of these methods are referred to when we use the term services, market or marketing.

Each paid for property advert can only be used for one property until such time as it is let. The remaining advert period cannot then be used for other properties or for the following letting. However, please note that your advert's contents (photos, descriptions, etc) will remain on our site for you to re-use the next time you need to pay for an advert to run.

Commercial properties adverts are paid for on a monthly basis.

Residential adverts will be shown on the designated web portals for up to 3 months. The advert can be paused to preserve these active days, but can only be paused for a total of 30 days during the advert's lifetime. To help you deal with your enquiries without being overrun with them, our systems will pause your advert after you have received 10. It is expected that you will contact each enquirer back (even if just with a text message or email) to discuss their enquiry or to tell them the property is let. If we receive any complaints from tenants that haven't had a reply, we may end your advert without notice. Once you have dealt with each enquiry, you can archive the enquiry (you can view these archived enquiries at any time). Once paused, you can unpause the advert after you have archived enough to leave fewer than 10 live enquiries. Note, we may change this limit at any time.

You warrant that you are the owner or legal representative of the owner of the property and are legally entitled to use the services provided by my-let.

You warrant that you are not a letting agent or representing a letting agent in any capacity.

We will keep your personal details including telephone numbers confidential and hidden from prospective tenants when they view property details or enquire about your property until you choose to provide the details to them. Likewise, we will keep prospective tenant and enquirer details confidential from you unless and until they choose to provide them to you.

If you are conducting your own viewings, you will be offered the opportunity to allow us to provide your direct contact details as necessary. We will also offer the enquirer the opportunity to provide their contact details to you. You are reminded that if you are conducting your own viewings you should take appropriate necessary precautions especially if meeting someone unaccompanied.

You understand and accept that we will need to communicate with you by email, phone or text message from time to time to keep you informed of the status and updates of the services you have or may wish to use with us. We will not pass on or sell your details to third parties without your permission, however, we may from time to time offer third party services from our web site that you may wish to access. In the event that you choose to do this, then we may as part of that process pass on information to the relevant third party.

my-let provides no guarantee for the quality of service offered by third party providers such as external web portals, printers, credit reference agencies and any other external party used by my-let. We have only partnered with what we believe are the best external parties but my-let is not accountable for any service issues or errors on the part of any external party.

my-let is not a solicitor or law firm. my-let will from time to time offer support and advise you on legal aspects of lettings but this is not to be construed as legal advice. You are responsible for making your own decisions regarding legal matters and should consult a solicitor if you want professional legal advice.

These terms and conditions are in addition to our standard Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy documents that you have already accepted in order to creat your account and gain access to this site and its services. In the event of any contradiction between this document and any of the preceeding documents setting out our standard terms, then these terms will prevail.