Due to the high cost of advertising on Rightmove and Zoopla My-Let will be closing on January 31st and we are no longer able to take new adverts.

Zoopla-Only Advertising

A low-cost, fast and easy advertising-only package.

Advertise on My-Let, Prime Location and Zoopla plus more for up to 3 months

Use Ad Builder to create your advert for the property websites, upload, then wait for tenant enquiries. We help you promote your property with useful tips, manage your enquiries and provide weekly status updates. We check your property is still available each week too. Average time to let: 10 days

Access to Ad Builder to upload/edit your advert, 24/7

Our unique 8-step Ad Builder enables you to optimise your property listing and maximise enquiries.

SMS/email enquiry alerts

Choose whether to receive enquiries either by email or SMS, or by both. Alternatively you can choose not to receive alerts and instead log onto your account to view enquiries. We do not use your details for any other purposes.

Access to My-Viewings for comprehensive enquiry and viewing management

Organise your viewings in a diary format - including text message reminders to avoid ‘no shows'


Tell us when you last had an EPC assessment, gas safety check, electrical check or legionella check performed and we will remind you when the next one is due ( a month in advance).
We will also include the EPC and gas safety certificate in the sign up pack emailed to your new tenants if you use our digital signing service. This saves you having to dig out these certificates.

Progress reports

We provide a weekly update on enquiries.

5 Steps to Success


Choose your package

We have different packages containing different products. Choose the one that suits you best. (See our packages)


Setup your marketing

It takes only a few minutes to upload your property details, so have them ready: photos, floorplans, EPC and thoughts about a description.


Receive enquiries and setup viewings

We'll tell you by email when you have an enquiry. You can contact the enquirer to discuss their situation and arrange the viewings. You can book them into your diary using our Viewing Manager.


Reference your tenants

It's important to check that your tenant can afford the property, so we provide a credit check service and if you also want us to get references from their employer and previous landlord we also provide full references.


Setup a Tenancy Agreement

Having a legal, Tenancy Agreement is vital for the success of your tenancy. We provide one as part of our Gold and Platinum advertising packages or you can buy one separately from our Tenancy Agreement page.