Tenant Reference Checks

  • Full references £39 each or save 10% with a pack of 10
  • Forms can be completed online for accuracy or on paper for simplicity

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What's in our Full Reference?

Our full reference features the following information and checks:

  • Address check at their current and previous addresses
  • A credit score for the person at their current address
  • The history of active and satisfied CCJs (County Court Judgements)
  • Any known bankruptcies or insolvencies
  • Confirmation of the applicant's income & the rent affordability
  • A reference from the applicant's employer
  • A reference from the applicant's current landlord
  • A recommendation for tenancy suitability

We also offer Credit Checks separtely if that's all you need.

How it Works


Purchase a Full Reference

Click the button on this page (or on the products page) and pay for it with your advert choice. Remember, there's no need to do this if you're purchasing a Gold or Platinum advert as you get 1 for free with them.


Tell us your applicant's email address

From your property page on your my-let account, start a reference and tell us the applicant's email address. We'll then send them an email asking them to complete the online form.


Applicant completes the form

Once your applicant has completed their application form, you'll be sent an email. You can then log in, review their form and request a reference.


You are sent the Full Reference by email

The Full Reference will be sent to you by email when it arrives, along with email updates detailing progress. All of these documents are stored on your account where you can also see the progress of the application.