Tenancy Creation Package

To assist landlords this package provides a comprehensive tenancy agreement, online digital signing, tenant referencing from both employers and previous landlords and a credit check. It provides everything at your fingertips and is a fast and easy way to secure your new tenant.

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A full reference

This includes a credit check of the tenant, the history of any CCJs, any known bankruptcies or insolvencies, and a reference form the applicant's employer and current landlord.

A Tenancy Agreement

A legally-checked tenancy agreement that you can add your own clauses to and print.

Digital Signing

If you choose, you can request your guarantors and tenants to sign the agreement digitally. This will be stored in your my-let account for everyone to see.

How it Works


Add the package to your basket

Click the button on this page (or on the products page) and pay for it.


Use the reference

After advertising, on the property page, click to start a reference. You just enter the applicants email address to get started. Full details of this process can be found on the Full References page.


Setup your Tenancy Agreement

Start a tenancy agreement. Add the property and tenancy details, then either generate and print off a copy or use our digital signing. Full details of this process can be found on the Tenancy Agreement page.


Sign your Tenancy Agreement digitally

Once you've setup your tenancy agreement details, you can all sign it digitally. Each signer needs a different email address and the agreement is signed by all guarantors first, then all tenants and then you, the landlord. A copy is kept in your my-let account for you and your tenants to print or refer back to.